Wedding Officiant

I am an official Notary Public of the state of Florida, authorized to perform notary functions with the goal of fraud prevention. As a notary recognized by the government, I am obliged to carry out my activities without bias and above all with integrity and honesty.

One of my functions is to witness signatures on any document that may be considered necessary for the certification of its legitimacy. Another of the functions that the State of Florida grants the notary is the ability to solemnize civil marriage ceremonies. I have had the privilege in recent years of specializing in making this event not only a legal action but also a memorable moment for couples as well as their guests.

As a notary recognized by the government, I am forced to carry out my activities with partiality and above all with integrity.

Taking the step towards marriage is an unforgettable moment of importance for each couple. This memorable event should be represented with class and decorum. Civil marriage is and will be a protocol act, however one cannot lose sight that it represents much more. Two individuals who love one another commit to unite.  In that union both make each other better human beings and thus better partners joining for a life together.

I normally meet with couples prior to solemnizing the act to understand their tastes and preferences. I enjoy personalizing the ceremony and catering to each couple’s individual style; the result being that during this significant event all enjoy an atmosphere of total harmony where complete understanding and the spirit of love reign.

What an amazing opportunity was to be part of such an incredible event as it was the civil ceremony of these two wonderful people.

One of the most important values you must have when entering in the big commitment of marriage is adding sense of humor…. being with someone who laugh with you not at you, will make the journey of life worth living!

The words promise and commitment are intimidating but when you find the right person, turning those words into action is not that hard. Congratulations to those couples who believe in giving an example to others.

“We come to love not by finding a perfect person, but by learning to see an imperfect person perfectly.”

Sam Keen

For more Notary Service information please contact: (783) 413-4046